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dCloud offers web & mobile app and software development services to both start-ups and well-established businesses. With daily efforts we manage to keep up-to-date with ever-changing compilation of technologies, frameworks, database solutions and customer demands. We Study Envision Design Develop Compute Publish Promote Upgrade Maintain


Wordpress Development and Maintenance

Grow your web presence with a stunning looking website powered by Wordpress. Our team will develop a custom Wordpress website that meets your business needs and extends your brand to new audiences.

Web Development

Web Development

Using the best-in-class technologies we create apps and websites that perform on and adapt to various devices. Our instituted projects' ecosystem transcends strategic, designer, technological and innovation problems.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We build mobile applications for both Android and iOS based mobile devices. Our team routinely plans, designs, and develops stunning mobile software that will bring your business to new audience.



Sometimes, deploying a project can be as tricky as developing it in the first place. We can set IAM, CI/CD and securely deploy your project to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode or any other service.



Present your idea in virtual space. Allow users to immerse in your product and make them feel like they are becoming part of it, engaging more of their senses no matter if they're using headset, mobile phone, or any other VR/AR capable device.



Take advantage of this new technology and see why more and more people decide to take the crypto-path. Get the most secure app and/or website that will never go offline. Usages of Blockchain tech keep coming up and the end is still not in sight. Secure your position with IT crypto-chain.



DAPPS are massively scalable, open-sourced apps, which have all data and records cryptographically stored in a public, decentralized blockchain. Smart Contract can ease the project logic and crypto coins and tokens can ease the charging system. Interested? We certainly are!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Inteligence

Handle Big Data using rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning methods that encompass a number of techniques known as algorithms, heuristics, root cause analysis, etc.. Use Deep Learning systems, which enable machines to process data with a non-linear approach, to accomplish complex real-world tasks.



Get precise assessments for your product or idea. Know which framework and technologies would ease the development of your project, how long would it take to get it done, and how to do it in a way so final user never gets confused whether he's in the right place and where to click to proceed.

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

Spread the word about your cause. Use the latest and most successful branding and marketing techniques to deliver your message in a way that will make most impact. Today's IT market wants the next big thing and it wants it now. Reach the proper audience and create a brand that will be remembered.


wordpress javascript python c-plus-plus java php typescript html css docker svelte angular-js react-js vue-js react-native ionic postgresql mariadb mysql sqlite couchdb cockroach-db redis cassandra elasticsearch aiohttp openzeppelin solidity three-js viromedia perch flask django


We faced many challenges during our mission to update the IT world. We believe that by bringing the right people together we create positive change. With over 5 years of collective experience, dCloud is proud to present our portfolio of completed projects.


dCloud is a Mobile & Web Development company with headquarters in Serbia that loves to shape next-generation business solutions. We offer enterprise application development, website design, user interface and branding services to customers all over the world. dCloud creates digital solutions for both big corporations and small businesses. Consisting of just over 20 employees, dCloud is able to take advantage of the direct team communication, quick pivoting toward new generation ideas, easy position shifting and scalable effort based on project requirements. As IT business keeps growing, various new circumstances and issues require new solutions and out-of-the-box mindset. Make an impact! Have your story narrated by professionals.


dCloud is full of enthusiastic, success driven people who care about getting it done, but even more about how that was accomplished. Anyone that worked with us knows how quickly people from dCloud become a valuable extension of the project team. Our Team is main reason why our clients would recommend us to others. Collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance which we found to be as important as project success itself.

Marko Tasic picture

Marko Tasic CEO / CTO
System Architect

Milan Zdravkovic picture

Milan Zdravkovic Software Developer

Dalibor Stankovic picture

Dalibor Stankovic Software Developer

Marko Culibrk picture

Marko Culibrk Software Developer
Frontend / Mobile

Nenad Dojcinovic picture

Nenad Dojcinovic Software Developer
Frontend / Mobile

Sasa Stanojkovic picture

Sasa Stanojkovic Software Developer

Nikola Knezevic picture

Nikola Knezevic Software Developer / Project Manager Frontend / Mobile / Game

Borivoje Kostic picture

Borivoje Kostic Software Developer
Frontend / Mobile / Game

Vladislav Stankovic picture

Vladislav Stankovic Software Developer / Project Manager Wordpress / Frontend

Marko Cvetanovic picture

Marko Cvetanovic Software Developer
Wordpress / Frontend

Blagoje Jovanovic picture

Blagoje Jovanovic Software Developer

Stefan Milenkovic picture

Stefan Milenkovic Software Developer
Frontend / Mobile

Milica Tasic picture

Milica Tasic COO
Business Development

Nikola Stojiljkovic picture

Nikola Stojiljkovic Business Development

Bratislav Sheric picture

Bratislav Sheric Business Development

Jelena Divac picture

Jelena Divac Business Development

Milica Dimic picture

Milica Dimic Business Development

Miodrag Stojanovic picture

Miodrag Stojanovic Business Development

Olivera Popovic picture

Olivera Popovic Business Development
Sales, Marketing


This is what our clients say.

"Their level of communication, accessibility, and most importantly - quality of development deliverables has been on par, or even better than most development teams I've worked with domestically in the United States. They are always pleasant and patient to work with."

Tyler Munson,
Owner munsonDesign
Design Principal

"DCLOUD has been very helpful in assisting us with making complex website changes and updates. They're very responsive and effective, requiring little direction or follow up."

Nick Cederlind,
Administrative Assistant

"I was extremely impressed with the quality of the service, availability and speed of delivery. A very knowledgeable team, they don't just get the work done, they also inform me on best practice. They went above and beyond and I am very pleased to have found a team I can work with continuously."

Angela Sorensen,

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